Residential Projects

Ken Small has designed hundreds of homes. These include large single family homes, multi-family homes, townhomes and condominiums. No two are the same or even similar. A very significant aspect to Ken's architectural design of homes is that each one is different to fit the circumstances of the area it is located in and the owner. Ken is able to design in any architectural style including historical styles and modern. In looking at each of these homes please do not look for one that matches your wish list. These homes match the wishes of their homeowners. All of whom got a great design that addressed the needs and wishes of their homeowners.

Of particular note please watch the videos because they show visualization tools that Ken uses. Ken is unaware of any other Southern Nevada Architect who uses this software. This tool makes it easy for a homeowner to understand what the plans are showing and see if that is what they want and like

The animation below shows the kind of information that we have for our clients to make good home design decisions. So that when the home is built, each home is the best that the house can be and exactly what the client was expecting.

Ken is not currently accepting house remodeling or casitas. Typically, house buyers desiring homes less that 3000 sq.ft. or under $200,000.00 construction budget are advised to hire a contractor who specializes in small houses. The exception to this advice is for the client who wants an exceptionally fine home or an unusual home or has a lot with very unique placement.