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Twin Lakes Elementary School Model for 2004 Building Addition

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Modern Computerized Techniques Combined With Old Fashioned Experience and Modern Design

Ken has computer aided drafting, virtual and physical modeling, 3d printing, animations and all of the tools needed to provide you a complete turn-key architectural project. You can hire our services piece by piece or we can do everything for you. Ken also has a great combination of fast and well educated excited architectural design staff and experienced hands to make sure that everything is done quickly and checked by those who know that it is done right. Almost every customer that Ken does work for considers their investment in their project to too big of a "bet" to take a risk on. They need to be as sure as they can that every dollar is well spent and that there are no huge mistakes. Ken and his staff love all of the fancy new tools and computers. But, in the end architects and draftsman have not invented a tool or computer that can carry the experience of 20 years of local practice forward to your project. Only the right architect can do that.

Permit Expediting

Customers who are in a hurry and may or may not already have plans sometimes need someone to help their project go through the permit process as quickly as possible. Ken offers this service to both individuals needing an architect and architects or other licensed design professionals. For architects or engineers who are licensed in Nevada but not physically here this service can help them understand the information that is locally expected to be contained on the plans. Throughout the USA architectural plans are not consistently expected to contain the exact same information. Therefore having a local Las Vegas architect who can explain the local customs is helpful. This standard permit expediting can reduce the time that it takes to get a permit dramatically for some projects. For design professionals who would otherwise need to travel to Las Vegas this service will save on permit processing costs too.

Expedited Plan Review Processing

Many of the southern Nevada building department political jurisdictions have a process that is referred to in terms similar to “Expedited Plan Review”. In addition to the process offered above Ken can enter your project into the government expediting process to further hasten the approval process to the maximum possible. In addition to Ken’s fees the various building departments charge their fees also.

Expediting of Construction Administration

For projects that were drawn by out of town architects sometimes need another professional architect to go to the construction site for a construction observation visit for the purpose of documenting conditions for a pay request or a field condition. Ken or his staff offer standard construction observation services with any requested documentation and field reports of required.

Zoning Entitlement Expediting

Typically zoning and other entitlement processes in the vicinity of Las Vegas run on fixed scheduled cycles and there is not really a way to hurry the process. However, having a local architect who knows the ins and outs of the local customs can help applicants to have all of the T’s crossed and I’s dotted in order to avoid not complying with the items expected for each step in the process. Typically if something is lacking in expected information then a project is “Tabled” until the next two week or one month cycle. Therefore the assistance of an architect familiar with the local customs will typically save time.

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