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If you are interested in getting a Permit Now for a project within unincorporated Clark County, Nevada. I am able to get a permit one working day after the plans are done. The list of criteria is rather involved. So I really suggest that you call to discuss it. This is a real program from the building department. This is not something that I dreamed up. I must be your architect. Commercial projects must be under 25,000 square feet and subject to County Building Department inspections. I do your plan check. I then tell the CCBD that your plans have cleared plan check. They issue a PAC number and they have 24 hours to figure out if you have the correct zoning and how much the fee is. Then your contractor picks up your permit. This process clears all of plan check. It does not include zoning. Just like always you have to have the proper zoning. If your project includes a grease trap then your project is disqualified by County building Department rules. It does not include public works, the Water Reclamation District or jobs that require grading permits or jobs that are led by civil engineers. It also does not include the fire department. But I do take the plans to the fire department for review during the course of completing the plans... So that they are not on the critical path. If you want a “Normal” tenant Improvement, or ground up building this program will probably work for you. I have to be the architect to do this for you. Pricing is similar to the normal cost of plans plus expedited review fees typically charged. Initial consultations at my office are always free. Let’s talk and find out what we can do for you!

Example Projects

  • Commercial projects less than 25,000 square feet
  • Multi-Family residential projects constructed under the IRC
  • Unsprinklered single family homes less than 3,600 square feet
  • Unsprinklered residential standard plans less than 3,600 square feet
  • Sprinklered single family homes and residential standard plans less than 8,000 square feet
  • Sprinklered residential standard plans less than 8,000 square feet
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    Yes, you read that right! I am authorized to skip the Clark County Building Department plan review and get a permit in 1 business day after the plans are completed. I review the architectural, MEP, structural, civil and notify the building department that the plans cleared ‘plan check’. The building department does paperwork in one day and your contractor then pulls your permit. This program will work for many architectural projects like tenant improvements, ground up buildings, projects with multiple trades or just one trade. It is not allowed for projects in casinos or restaurants. I must be the architect, the project size must be under 25,000 square feet and other restrictions do apply. Call to learn if your project is eligible for permit now and learn the details from the Clark County Building Department.

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